Did you know that on average restaurants do 50% of their weekly business on a Saturday night and 85% of their weekly business on Thursday, Friday, Saturday combined? No wonder you have a hard time getting into your restaurant of choice at the time you want to eat. How many times have you called asking for a reservation at 7.30 only to be told “we have 5.30 or 9.30 available”.  It’s surprisingly common place to hear this and unless you book with plenty of notice, you are in the famous “subject to availability” category.

Elite Customer

So how many times have you thought to yourself, “they’re making a mistake, I like to dine, I like to enjoy good wines, my group will be excellent customers, we are really great spenders!” The trouble with this is every Restaurant Manager, Maître D and Reservation Host has heard that line a billion times when someone calls in to make a reservation and let’s face it, even if you’re telling the truth it’s hard not to sound obnoxious.

VIP Treatment

Do you think that Robert De Niro or Meryl Streep have to book their restaurant of choice two weeks in advance? The reality is restaurants will make room even when they are fully booked for their Elite clients. Just remember the scene in Goodfella’s when Henry Hill skips the line, walks in through the back door, up through the kitchen and a table is placed right in front of the dance floor, that VIP treatment is what SeatElite can deliver.

Recognition as an Elite Customer

Making your reservation through SeatElite guarantees the Restaurant that you are an Elite customer because you commit to a minimum spend in their establishment. You don’t pay a premium, no booking fee, no membership costs, no hidden charges; you get exactly what you pay for. You just simply commit to a minimum spend that the restaurant has acknowledged in advance makes you an Elite customer.

Control & Simplicity

Select a Restaurant, choose your time, secure your table and then just show up and enjoy yourself. Once you’ve registered you are only a few clicks from the reservation you want at the time you want.

Next time you’re going to a show or a game, or out of town entertaining clients, when you set the reservation time, it means you don’t have to plan weeks in advance to make it to that show on time, or miss the first period of the game. No line up’s, no hassle, instant recognition as an Elite customer with preferred status where ever you go.